Can Meditation Help With Irrational Fear?

Meditation | Heal From Traumatic Experiences With MeditationWhen it comes to human behavior, no emotion can be more destructive to the overall health and well being of a person than fear. Unfortunately, the fear of losing something a person currently has and the fear of not getting something that one think they want at some point in the future keeps many out of the present moment, and as a result, stuck in negative patterns of behavior.

In this recent Intent post, Deepak Chopra takes a look at the practice of meditation as a way to help alleviate people’s fears. According to Chopra, whether a fear is irrational or not, using a meditation practice to get in touch with your true self will allow you to not only decide what is important in your life, but also help you to heal from potentially traumatic unconscious material that is driving your fear in the first place.

If you learn meditation from a qualified instructor, it will work for you regardless of your mental nature or insecurities. Meditation brings you  into direct contact with  your true self and in doing so, it educates you on what is real and worthwhile, and by contrast what isn’t real and isn’t worth worrying about.

Also, irrational fears are usually based on old traumatic events that are largely unconscious now. Meditation can heal those traumas whether you are aware of them or not.  So meditation is very helpful in overcoming fears, it works on a general level, and therefore progress addressing specific issues may be unsatisfyingly slow.

For that reason, it can be useful to support meditation with counseling to get at your fears more directly

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