Can Meditation Influence Your Karma?

One of the most misunderstood concepts in Indian religion (at least by people in the West) is that of karma. For many of us, the idea of karma acts as a Freudian super-ego of sorts instructing us to “do the right thing” so that we aren’t unexpectedly punished somewhere down the road.

In this latest Times of India article, the karma concept is explained in detail. According to the author, world renowned guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the key to understanding karma is to know the different types: prarabha, sanchita and agami. While the first has to do with the seed of an action, and the third has to do with result of it, the second type of karma, sanchita, is collected karma which can be cleared by spiritual practices like meditation. Sanchita manifests as a tendency or an impression in the mind.

Getting rid of karma means getting rid of impressions. Some karma can be changed and some cannot. As human beings we have the ability to erase fear through meditation. If you meditate, become hollow and empty, whatever the fear is will just dissolve and disappear.

Our perception of suffering, of good and bad, is always relative. God is absolute reality; witness of all. See God as a movie director, rather than as a judge. He has no ill feeling for the villain and no special favour for the hero. Each one is playing his role. Live with the karma and not be attached to it. Awareness, alertness, knowledge and meditation will help erase past impressions. It has the strength to dissolve and destroy any karma and bring freedom to you.

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