Can Meditation Open A Closed Heart?

For many of us, the idea of living a life without negativity seems incomprehensible. In a rewards and punishment society, from a very early age we are taught that when we do the “right” thing we reap the benefits. Conversely, when we do the “not so right things” we suffer the consequences. As a result, some level of resentment forms and the heart fights to stay open.

But what if you had never experienced negativity? What would you, your body, your heart feel like? This is the subject of Olivia Rosewood’s Huffington Post contribution. According to Rosewood, it’s not realistic to think that the human experience can be free from negativity. Rather, she suggests by using meditation, repetition exercises, and mantras that it is possible to undo past pain and injuries that affect our current state of well being.

Hearts seem to close as we grow up. We protect more, and rightfully so. Pain usually accompanies maturity, but this process needn’t end with a fully armored heart. Instead, the heart can complete the circle from innocence, to knowledge of pain, and then back around to informed openness. Yes, pain exists, but one can choose love again. This is an ideal maturity: to choose love.

Read more here from Olivia Rosewood including a heart chakra meditation.

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  1. Cera says:

    I certainly think that meditation can open a closed heart. Meditation allows you to see things that you wouldn’t normally see (behaviors, points of view, ect). Most of all, it allows you to learn more about yourself, and that’s where the healing will begin. :) Awesome article.