Can Meditation Relieve Pain?

Let’s be honest, many of us believe that to keep up in today’s society one must go-go-go, learning as much as we can along the way, letting nothing stop us from moving forward. Yes, some Fortune 500 CEO might say this is the mentality of a winner. Others might say this mentality is just plain crazy. Is there a happy medium?

Journalist Julia Moulden, in her latest Huffington Post article, discusses the rising counter-culture that believes, despite this fast paced lifestyle, every once and a while there is the need to take a break from all the technology. Referencing her own experience with the “need to learn” and connecting it to a “frozen shoulder” condition that she suffered from as a result, Moulden cites the new book from author Tim Parks (Teach Us to Sit Still: A Sceptic’s Search for Health and Healing) who used meditation as a way to relieve himself from his pain.

His book recounts — in this novelist’s entertaining and thoughtful way — his entire journey, including the experts he consulted, the treatments he tried, his resistance to all things esoteric, and, finally, to his deepening understanding of the value of meditation in his life. He now sits for an hour each morning, before the pressures of the day encroach.

Read more from Moulden on how to use meditation to relieve pain here.

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