Can Meditation Rewire Your Brain?

Meditation | Meditation Can Have Profound And Dramatic Effect On Your BrainIt’s not new news that meditation can have profound effect on your mental and physical health. By helping you to calm down, relax, and de-stress, meditation makes it possible for a person to disengage from the incessant thoughts that, more often than not, play havoc on one’s mind.

What’s even more amazing, however, is that current scientific research is giving us a glimpse into the how and why meditation has such dramatic effect on the brain. In a sense, meditation literally makes it possible to rewire your brain.

Dan Harris from ABC News recently did a segment on the use of meditation to promote happiness and kindness. Echoing the evidence that meditation brings to life portions of the brain that affect overall health and well being, Harris shows us how the practice is being used by students and professionals alike to change their thought patterns and change their lives.

Read more about Dan Harris’ meditation to rewire the brain segment here.

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