Can Practicing Meditation Make You Rich?

Meditation Benefits | Many Use Meditation To Achieve Peak PerformanceOk, so the title somewhat contradicts the intention behind meditation. But the question is, if meditation benefits people in that it enables them to tap into that creative and insightful inner-flow, why wouldn’t the byproduct lead to increased wealth and material prosperity? Now I’m not saying that the goal in practicing meditation should be to get rich. I’m just saying that true creativity is quite a hot commodity.

John Navin puts an interesting spin to meditation and its benefit in this latest Forbes post. According to Navin, meditation helps separate out emotions in a person’s mind. In doing so, people drop into what is commonly referred to as the zone. Used by athletes and apparently by stock traders, directing emotions away from negatively influencing one’s performance seems to work.

In his essay on trading psychology, Dr. Steenbarger suggests that emotions, even intense emotions, are not necessarily a problem if that energy can be directed toward greater focus and concentration. He uses the example of my University of North Carolina classmate Michael Jordanwho was said to be stimulated to even greater performance when challenged in tough games by charged-up opponents.

The so-called well-balanced psyche with its apparent lack of emotion seldom achieves the level of skill seen in elite performers such as Olympic athletes or chess grand masters –it’s that quality of intense concentration and focus that enables “sustained purpose” and goal achievement, according to Steenbarger.

He refers to “the zone” as a “flow state of consciousness” that stems from total immersion in the task at hand. He believes that emotion can help to trigger that flow state of mind in extraordinary individuals.

Read more from Navin on using meditation to get into the zone here.

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