Can Spiritual Meditation Help With Divorce Pain?

Anytime a relationship ends, on some level, it’s painful. Whether the dissolution is the result of a lack of a meeting of the minds or because two people have simply outgrown one another, the feelings associated with unmet expectations can be overwhelming.

For some, religion provides a safe refuge from the pain that occurs when relationships transition. For others, a more internal coping skill is called upon. According to this Suite 101 post by Nicole Rubio, a type of meditation called Spiritual Meditation combines the two and can be very effective.

Spiritual Meditation honors both scripture and the self searching practice that allows people to access their inner resources. By allowing oneself to be with certain self reflecting passages in combination with a meditation practice, it is possible to be with (not run away from) those overwhelming feelings that can come when facing a divorce.

Divorce is definitely not the end of the world; it is only the beginning. You can cope with a divorce successfully with spiritual meditation. God doesn’t want our hearts to be sad, and has provided many scriptures to help us through each troubling event that we experience in life. His word is the living word and will fill your heart, with love, joy, peace, and forgiveness. If you believe, and have faith that God will help you through any situation you are on your way to peace of mind.

Read here about which passages can be helpful with meditation.

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