Can Technology Wipe Out Meditation?

With all the advances in technology in the last two decades, you would think that people would have more time now to get quiet and to better get to know themselves. Ironically, the opposite has occurred. With all the gadgets, social media outlets, flat screen this and mobile that, people today are more positioned to focus away from themselves than toward. And it’s not going to get any better anytime soon.

In this Ashbury Park Press post, the need for more meditation to counter the negative effects that technology has had on our ability to self-reflect is explored. According to the article, technology has revolutionized the world. That said, who is going to operate this technology effectively? Meditation as the key to recharge, rejuvenate and reflect is the answer.

Meditation can rejuvenate the system, bring peace of mind that grows stronger with regular practice while giving the body deep and purifying rest.

Twenty minutes of deep rest that we experience during meditation is not just providing peace for that period of time but is helping us get rid of distractions, thus allowing us to be more focused, dynamic and live in the present moment.

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