Can Writing Help Me Heal?

Although most would like to believe that they escaped childhood unscathed, every person leaves childhood for better or worse with some sort of trauma that must be worked out in adulthood if a person wants to live a more happy live. Whether or not trauma it is just a part of of the human condition, there are literally thousands of self help books that promote healing and a quest to know oneself.

This Hubpages article explores not the nature of childhood trauma (acknowledging that all of us suffer from it in some form or another). Rather, the article explores how writing can serve as a meditation of sorts, a way to access your inner state of mind in an attempt to process and heal from that which ultimately blocks you from your insight and creativity.

Writing as a way to heal can be thought of as helping you to access your inner resources, a type of self hypnosis. When practiced on a regular basis, writing is not only a benefit to you mentally, but also physically and spiritually.

In the event you write a journal regularly, or keep a regular diary of one’s thoughts, you’ll already have experienced the positive health benefits: fewer visits towards the doctor, more ‘inner space’, deeper understanding of yourself among others, an appreciation of cycles and overall life patterns, ability to make more informed and sustainable choices. Journaling develops an intimacy with the self that far from making us isolated helps us to understand more easily what others are dealing with as well. It may even encourage life-long self development.

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