Can Yoga And Meditation Save Inner City Youth?

It’s nothing new to hear stories of inner city youth suffering from the effects of violence, poverty and neglect. For a myriad of reasons, these children and young adults grow up in a world where overwhelming stress is a normal part of daily life. As a result, inner city youth can have more difficulty not only in relationships with others, but more importantly difficulties in relating to themselves.

According to Kelly Brewington of the Baltimore Sun, a new yoga and meditation program geared toward Baltimore’s inner city youth is hoping to combat the effects of stress on these children’s lives. Through a combination of yoga poses, breathing exercises and focusing techniques, the Holistic Life Foundation teaches children to work with their feelings and emotions by giving them outlets meant to promote responsibility.

“Yoga saved me,” said Douglas, who volunteers with the Holistic Life Foundation every week, helping to teach yoga’s benefits to a new generation of students.

The traveling yogis combined various yoga disciplines, poses and breathing exercises to create their own blend of practice that emphasizes mindfulness, or awareness that emerges when one is present or “in the moment.”

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