Can Yoga Help You To Be A Successful CEO?

For many company executives, the stress of the job can sometimes prove to be too much. Managing people, meeting goals, and serving as the company’s spokesperson can definitely take its toll. So what’s the solution? For one company’s CEO, the meditative power of yoga is the answer and it has proven to be a godsend that has not only made him a more effective leader, but also a more thoughtful family man.

CEO Stanton Kawer, in this recent Forbes post, describes his personal relationship with yoga and how his practice has translated to to work. Likening how he runs his company to what happens during a yoga class, Kawer explains how yoga has helped him to unite his company and also experience gratitude and enthusiasm along the way.

And the amazing thing is that yoga ultimately delivers as advertised. Unlike any other activity in which I have participated, I never walk out of a class feeling anything less than great, and always a little more than curious about my practice, my business, my family and my life. Yoga allows me to carry both equanimity and enthusiasm through my days. Ultimately it has allowed me to be a more effective CEO by making me a happier, healthier and more mindful human being. And though I promise you will never find me in lotus pose chanting “Om” on my conference room table, I am an eminently more grateful CEO than I was before I started practicing yoga.

Read more about Kawer’s experience with yoga and the effect it has had on how he runs his company here.

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