Can You Be Happy Everyday?

For as many people as there are that meditate, exist the same number of reasons as to why they do.

Meditation is a personal experience so why shouldn’t the motivation to do the practice be any different? For most, it is some combination of learning to focus or to deal with anxiety. While for others its about the internal pursuit of happiness.

In a recent article journalist Warangkana Tempati from ScandAsia profiles Jonas Rosenberg, a Scandinavian monk from Fredrikstad (Norway), who in 2010, journeyed to Thailand to learn to meditate. Although he had pursued a meditation practice at home in Norway, deep down, Rosenberg felt that there was something he was missing. In Thailand, Rosenberg’s experience was so powerful that he decided to become an ordained monk. For him, now meditation fills that deeper calling and presents the opportunity to be happy everyday.

“The happiness I’ve found in meditation is greater than the joy of winning a football match or receiving a certificate on my graduation day. Best of all, it doesn’t hinge on some special events happening or some problems disappearing from my life.”

“It is ironic that everybody wants happiness, but many pursue it in a complicated or unhealthy way and end up feeling stressed and exhausted. For me, happiness is as uncomplicated as closing my eyes, quieting my mind and doing absolutely nothing. After all, life is too short to be unhappy.”

Read more about Rosenberg’s meditation journey here.

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