Can Your Xbox Help To Cultivate Meditation?

Meditation | Use Your Xbox To Cultivate Meditation And Increase Health And Well BeingI know when I was little Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Frogger were the rage. And although today the games are much more high tech, the sentiment is still the same: to exercise the mind. Unfortunately, however, today’s games seem to be exercising a person’s greatest muscle into a state of atrophy. Violence, destruction, and chaos permeate the gaming market leading many to question what we’re actually trying to teach our future generations.

The good news is that we have people like Deepak Chopra. A man committed to bringing the benefits of meditation to the masses. And the gaming sector seems to be his next stop.

Checkout this recent SF Gate post on Chopra’s latest endeavor: Leela. A meditation game, Leela leads players through a series of meditation exercises meant to appeal to those stressed out gamers looking for peace and a way to unwind.

The beauty of the game is that it targets a player’s health and well being on multiple levels. Chakra meditations and breathing exercises are just some of the gifts this Xbox game will offer (Leela will also be released for the Nintendo Wii).

Chopra hopes that “Leela,” which is scheduled to launch in the United States on Nov. 8, will mark the beginning of an evolution for the interactive medium. He believes that if gaming consoles add the abilities to wirelessly measure brain waves as well as the intervals between heartbeats that they could be even more beneficial to health and wellness.

“It’s all doable now,” said Chopra. “We just have to bring it all together. If we can measure what’s happening in your body, your heart, your emotions, your breath and your mind, then there’s no reason why we can’t create a new generation of video games that can help accelerate the personal, psychological, emotional and spiritual development of human beings.”

Read more on Chopra’s meditation game here.

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