Celebrities And Meditation, They’re Just Like Us!

Meditation | Even Celebrities Find Benefit With A Meditation PracticeIn case you don’t know, meditation happens to be quite a cool thing to do. And that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that a meditation practice can help you live longer. By decreasing your stress and anxiety, meditation not only helps to reprogram your brain thereby affecting how you view the world, but it can also have profound physical impact as less stress on the body has a ripple effect right down to the cellular level.

But enough about that, back to the celebrities who meditate just like us.

Checkout this recent Telegraph post on 12 top celebrities who use a meditation practice to help them navigate through their lives. From musicians to television and film stars, if meditation is cool enough for them, shouldn’t you be practicing too? Here’s a sample of the list:

Orlando Bloom

The star of films like ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ credits meditation and the philosophies behind it for helping him to keep away from the self-destructive path so common in Hollywood. He follows a practical approach to meditation and incorporating meditation into his daily life so that it strengthens him, as well as helping him find peace.

Rivers Cuomo

The frontman for the rock band Weezer takes meditation to the next level. He’s currently at a 45-day meditation retreat, and before he left said that “one of the things that happens to me in these courses is that my memory gets razor-sharp”.

Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel believes passionately in meditation and credits it with keeping her healthy, especially during her pregnancy with her son. It may even have helped with pain control during her natural water birth.

Richard Gere

The star of Hollywood hits such as Pretty Woman and Chicago, Richard Gere is a devout Buddhist and passionate advocate for human rights. He meditates daily, claiming that it helps him to get motivated.

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