Committing The Time To Listen To Yourself

Although most of us like to think that we are listening to ourselves every second of every day, the fact is, we might be listening to the wrong voice. Not that listening to that sometimes caring, sometimes harsh voice that seems to originate between our two ears isn’t helpful (or is it?). Consider, however, that there might be another voice, much more profound and knowledgable in scope, that lies just beneath the surface.

According to Kathy Morris Bakhshi, who logged this latest Brecksville Patch post on meditation, because there is always so much going on in her (and everyone else’s) head, there hardly exists the time to focus and appreciate being in the present moment. For Bakhashi, a trip to the Brecksville Meditation Group helped to put her thoughts into perspective.

My meditation experience was eye opening. Making a conscious effort to slow down and focus my thoughts can be almost impossible. Since the session, I’ve been thinking about how filling every minute of the day with busy-ness doesn’t allow me the time to really listen to myself. I think I have forgotten that I have a “self” at all. I have begun to think of myself as all the things I do, instead of all the things that I am, and I’ve made myself so busy that I’m not really present some of the time.

Read more from Bakhshi on the need to find time to better listen to yourself through meditation here.

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