Consumer Reports Highlights Meditation And Other Alternative Therapies

Meditation | More People Are Using Meditation And Other Alternative Therapies To Treat Common Health ProblemsIt’s no wonder with all the positive health reports coming out surrounding the use of meditation and other alternative therapies that more mainstream outlets would begin to jump on the alternative wagon. As most know, practices like yoga and meditation can be extremely helpful when it comes to anxiety, stress, and depression; and chiropractic work and acupuncture are well known methods in the treatment of pain and as a means to get the body’s subtle energy system moving.

Checkout this recent Web MD post from Bill Hendrick on the use of alternative therapy practices to treat common health problems. According to Hendrick, who bases the article on a current Consumer Reports study of 45,000 people and their use of meditation and other alternative therapies, of the people surveyed, three-fourths are turning to alternative practices. Unfortunately, many still hold by their prescription medications as a means to help in the short-term.

Most Popular Alternative Therapies

Chiropractic, deep-tissue massage, and mind-body practices like yoga dominated the list of alternative treatments that respondents said were helpful for back pain, neck pain, and the aches of osteoarthritis.

And though meditation is widely touted as an effective way to relieve anxiety, insomnia, and depression, the survey says prescription antidepressants are used by more people.

Among key findings of the survey:

  • Consumers ranked prescription drugs as most effective for nine of 12 conditions — allergies, cold and flu, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, headache and migraine, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and osteoarthritis.
  • Of the 46% of respondents who used prescription drugs for osteoarthritis pain, 53% said it helped a lot; 54% of respondents used glucosamine/chondroitin forosteoarthritis symptoms, and 25% said it helped a lot.
  • Of the 27% of respondents who used meditation, 42% said it helped “a lot” with anxiety.
  • 43% of respondents used deep-breathing exercises for anxiety, and 34% found it helped a lot.
  • Chiropractic care was ranked as the most effective treatment for back pain.
  • Pilates, yoga, and deep-tissue massage all rated about the same as prescription medication for back pain.
  • Vitamins and minerals were the most commonly used alternative treatments for general health, with 73% of respondents taking them.
  • A majority of people who said they used alternative therapies had told their doctors about it.

Read more from Hendrick on the use of meditation and other alternatives to treat common health issues here.

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