Costa Rica’s Full Moon Meditation

The cool thing about meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. Even cooler is the fact that some people get to travel around the world and immerse themselves in all different forms of meditation. From Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru to Shiva meditations in Himalayan caves, the thread that ties all of these practices together is the commitment to let go of the chatter between a person’s two ears in an effort to create a deeper relationship with themselves.

The Tico Times recently published an article about a meditation practice called the Full Moon Meditation. A monthly gathering in North-Central Costa Rica where participants are guided down a pathway of deep self reflection.

This ceremony, known as a full moon meditation, is a monthly cleansing and spiritual ritual hosted by Ecolodge Lago de Coter, high in the hills of Nuevo Arenal in north-central Costa Rica. Once a month, Alvarez, a member of the Maleku indigenous group, leads this spiritual gathering with the intention of uniting the energy among the participants, guiding them through a session of deep self-introspection and reminding them to connect with Mother Earth, she who has provided us with this existence.

“We are all the same,” Alvarez tells the group. “We all have eyes, heads, ears, skin, bones. We are all humans. We may have different hair, skin colors, languages, families or homes, but we are all the same. We are all united by Mother Earth. The only difference is the paths we take.”

Read more about Costa Rica’s Full Moon Meditation here.

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