Creating Safety With A 5 Point Meditation

Meditation | Internal Safety Through Meditation Promotes HealingI have a dog, and if parents with children (as opposed to pet owners who call themselves parents) are anything like me, you’d give anything to be able to communicate with your small child (or pet) enough to understand the difficulties they experience in order to better provide for their needs. And although I don’t really remember those early days of yesteryear, I do have the vague sense that at certain times in my early life I most definitely did not feel safe.

For those of you who relate, checkout this Ann Arbor post from meditation teacher Susan Scott Morales. In it, Morales shares a five step meditation practice meant to help people establish safety within themselves. According to Morales, the meditation works well with both current wounds and those that occurred in childhood when safety fell short.

Find a comfortable seat and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and breathe deeply again, this time exhaling until all your breath is released. I’m going to guide you to imagine a place of complete safety. You can use a memory of a time you felt safe or, if that doesn’t work, you can fantasize the perfect place. Take a few moments to allow your mind to float over some possibilities. You can include people of trust in your place or not, depending on what feels best. You might even make up a guardian, or use the deity of your choice. When you decide on a vision, continue. If you start to think of something else, just notice that and return to the safe place.

Again, take a deep breath. With the idea of your place in mind, imagine how it looks. What is in front of you? To each side? Behind? Above? Below? Take in a full spherical view. Notice the colors…shapes…patterns…textures. Make any changes you need to create optimum safety.

Now take another deep breath and imagine the smells associated with your safe place. The aroma might be coming from a distance, something close by, as close as the soap you showered with today….

Read the Morales’ full safety meditation here.

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