Creating Space For Your Yoga And Meditation Practice

In the last decade, yoga has become mainstream in Western Culture. Walk down any city’s main thoroughfare and you are sure find a yoga studio offering several different forms of yoga for you to experience.

For some, ashtanga yoga is the preference due to its physical requirements, while kundalini appeals to people more into the breath and kripalu yoga to those who like to focus on meditation. Whichever your preference, yoga holds within it the promise to help connect you to your body, and in doing so, hopefully to help calm your mind.

In this latest Times & Transcript post from Donna Nebenzahl, the topic of creating a yoga and meditation space when at home is discussed. According to Nebenzahl, whose article focuses on yoga instructor Kelly McGrath’s daily regiment, the key to choosing the right setting is to make it personal to the individual.

They look for a favourite spot at home where they can complete the daily yoga ritual, a place they dedicate to their practice. Some use a separate room, while others simply carve out a quiet space in a corner of the living room. Whatever they choose, the key is to create an atmosphere that is so calming that even the family dog, with a deep sigh, is able to relax. What makes the space? Start with soft colours, music, candles and statuary. All of these are in abundance in the yoga spaces that follow. Whether you’re a relative novice like Marie-Eve Methot, who has been doing yoga for just a few years, or a veteran practitioner like yoga teacher Kelly McGrath, a tranquil space sets the stage for the calm concentration needed when doing yoga.

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