Cultivating A Gentle Approach With Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Become Your Own Best FriendLet’s face it, the one person who beats themselves up the most is unfortunately oneself. A pretty sad fact if you ask me considering you’re not only the person you rise with, but also the person with whom you’ll share your last breath.

So the question really isn’t if you’re going to reconcile this relationship, it’s do you want to do it now so you can enjoy it, or do you want to wait until you’re deep into the home stretch?

Checkout this recent Deccan Herald post from Bharat and Shalan Savur on using meditation to maintain a soft and gentle approach to your life. The benefit? Not only is it a beautiful and fulfilling way of being, but kindness toward oneself and others dissolves fear and moves one toward happy moods, positivity, and breakthroughs.

In fact, make your lifestyle effortless. Do everything smoothly, gently, unhurriedly. Anchor your mind in the faith that things will be fine. And even if they go a little awry, so what? Don’t be afraid if things don’t work out. Maybe they’ll take a longer or different route, or maybe they’re not meant to be because better, bigger things are in store — dwell always in the mystery rather than in misery.

Meanwhile, be aware of what you can do, rather than what you can’t. Tiny miracles sprout in the smallest of cans! Reiterate quietly, “I commit myself to doing more positive things for myself and for my world.” A commitment is a valuable step. Make every step pleasant. Practise conscious breathing as you perform a task so that you benefit from the joy, and peace. Pay attention to the small acts. For example: when you finish exercising, place the dumbbells back softly, carefully without a thud. Every action thus becomes a means to cultivating a relaxed, healthy life.

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