Curing Shameful Blushing With Meditation

Meditation | Practicing Meditation Can Help You Get To The Root Of Your ShameWhat most people don’t realize is that shame is the number one offender to a person’s self confidence and positive sense of self. No other feeling can take you down faster. And no other emotion is more challenging to deal with than shame. Why? Because in order to heal shame a person must go to the depths of their belief systems and question why they believe the things they do about themselves and the world around them in the first place. Unfortunately, this journey is typically littered with painful memories and experiences.

Shame, manifested through blushing, and how to heal with it with meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques is the topic of this latest Hindu post. According to the article, when it comes to blushing, a person is dealing with a phobia. Key to dealing with phobias is getting help sooner rather than later.

One thing all phobias have in common is the fear that something will happen. Schellberg recommends seeing a therapist if your fear of blushing is influencing your life negatively. He says affected individuals’ concerns are often not taken seriously by others.

“Most people wait far too long before consulting a therapist. But if a phobia is looked at early it can be successfully treated quickly.” Schellberg’s advice to people with erythrophobia is the same as what he tells everyone with a phobia: Learn relaxation techniques such as meditation and exercise more.

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