De-Stress Using Meditation!

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Now whether you have been waiting for a good excuse to start your meditation practice or just needed a little extra push, hopefully this post will help give you just the right amount of inspiration to begin your practice.

Rachael Grant Dixon in this latest Rancho Bernardo Patch article introduces us to meditation as a stress reducing technique. According to Dixon, although we live in a face paced world, ironically, most of us turn to technology to help de-stress our lives. Unfortunately in doing so, many of us find our lives even more complicated.

Dixon offers three convincing positive arguments to lay down those Blackberrys and iPhones and pick up a meditation practice.

Yogis and meditation experts will tell you that meditation helps your overall view of life and health in several ways. First, meditation can help you learn to control your thoughts and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts through visualizing the good in various situations.

Second, meditation can help you control your mind chatter, which is the constant replay of events or situations in your head. Mind chatter can disrupt our sleep and keep us reliving painful or hurtful situations. Through meditation, we can quiet the mind chatter and get back peace.

Third, meditation can connect or reconnect us with our spirituality. Remember, spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean religion, although it can. Spirituality is defined as a personal process in which individuals seek to develop their moral philosophies and find purpose in their lives. Meditation allows us the opportunity to connect with our personal moral compass and gives us the chance to visualize where we want to go with our life.

Read more from Dixon on using meditation to de-stress your life here.

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