Debunking The Meditation Skeptics

Meditation | Meditation Is Easy To LearnI have to admit, before I sat down and actually meditated, I had numerous preconceived ideas about meditation and what cultivating a relationship with self was all about. Admittedly born from my own fear of discovery, my skeptical view of meditation kept me from accessing my inner wisdom for quite a number of years. That said, if you’re a questioning beginning meditator, not to worry. Welcome aboard.

Jeanne Ball, in her latest Huffington Post, takes a look at 3 common meditation myths with an eye toward exposing their truths. According to Ball, while the belief that meditation takes a long time to master and that all meditation practices are the same are high on the list, the number one myth newcomers bring to a practice is the belief that meditation is difficult.

Myth #1: Meditation is difficult

It is often said that the mind is like a monkey jumping from tree to tree, always searching for more bananas. Most approaches to meditation involve degrees of effort or control, in hope that the mind can be steadied or subdued. Many earnest students of meditation tell me they have tried this and found it difficult.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to settle the mind and expand awareness — one that anybody can learn, even children. The TM technique is based on the mind’s very nature, on its inherent tendency to search for more and more. It is this natural flow of the mind toward greater happiness that leads attention to deeper, quieter levels during TM practice, and then beyond all thinking to where the quest is fulfilled — the field of peace, energy, and happiness that resides deep within everyone. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once said, “We don’t control the mind, we satisfy the mind.”

Read Ball’s response to meditation myth number two and three here.

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