Defragment Your Brain With Meditation

meditation | Reorganize Your Thinking Using MeditationA lot can be said when it comes to how and why a meditation practice can enhance your life. Not only does it have a positive influence on your mental and physical well being, but meditation can put you in touch with a deeper sense of existence. No small feat, when practiced with intent this holistic healing practice can reorganize your thinking and create much needed space between your thoughts and the need to react.

In an interview with meditation teacher B.J. Rau Putnam, Gail Gresh considers the positive effects of meditation in this recent Lansdale Patch post. According to Putnam, attachment to one’s thoughts wears down the body. Detachment through meditation cultivates space and helps the body to recover from stress and pain.

On this particular day, Rau Putnam was conducting a complimentary meditation session to introduce interested newcomers to the healing, relaxing technique.

“We’re here to sit and to be quiet. I think of it as defragging the brain,” she said. “Meditation is the art of letting go of your thoughts.  Thoughts come up, and you let them go.”

The group was asked to close their eyes and to use their breathing as a focal point.

“Try to visualize feeling a part of your body as you breathe, and focus on it and then feel your breath,” Rau Putnam said. “Don’t try and control your rate of breathing; just focus on it.”

Rau Putnam told the group that thinking during meditation isn’t necessarily bad; it is bad just when you continue to get caught up in the thoughts over and over again and can’t let them go.

Read more from Putnam on the practice and benefits of meditation here.

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