Discovering The Gift Of Meditation

It’s no secret that for over 2,500 years, Buddhism has been used by many to get in touch with their inner wisdom, compassion, generosity and patience. Through meditation, millions of people have been guided to cultivate a relationship with their deeper sense of existence.

As meditation’s influence continues to permeate Western culture, especially in the field of psychology, the use of meditation to help people cope with and cure instances of depression and anxiety is on the rise.

In this latest Huffington Post from Susan Piver, the author and student of Buddhism introduces us to three powerful meditation benefits she has found in her own travels. Included is meditation’s ability to teach you to like yourself and your fellows more. According to Piver, meditation also allows a person to see just how magical this world is.

When you have a sense of gentleness toward yourself and the ability to love genuinely, something quite extraordinary happens: You relax. Whether things go well, or poorly, on any particular day, you can deal with it because you know how to remain soft and open. This soft openness is no different from waking up to the present moment.

In the present moment, the natural wisdom, beauty and bliss of your own mind and this world are apparent. Profound wisdom in the form of awareness cuts through your concepts, again and again. The simple act of meditation — of placing awareness on breath and, when it strays, bringing it back — is exactly, precisely, utterly this act of wisdom.

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