Do Martial Arts And Meditation Mix?

Meditation | Most Martial Art Forms Included MeditationFor many who practice a martial art, meditation as part of the practice is common knowledge. Although meditation is usually thought of as sitting on a comfy cushion in the middle of your living room while turning your focus inward, in order to successfully master any martial art, a person must also master the art of finding peace within.

According to this latest post from Sify, the combination of the two is being used to help train students enrolled at the Indian Theatre at Panjab University to be better actors. Recently, students were taught the Manipuri martial art of Thang-ta and the Chinese meditation form Tai Chi during a ten-day workshop intended to help students with both mental peace and stability and physical balancing.

At first sight, martial arts and meditation may seem activities that are miles apart from theatre performances but an on-stage experiment by the department of Indian theatre at Panjab University here is trying to build on the commonality they share…

…On the unique combination of ‘Thang-ta, Tai Chi and Theatre’, Biswajit Singh said: ‘The two traditional forms widen the possibilities physically and in the performance. It brings in more flexibility and energy and this, in turn, helps to polish the skills of an actor.’

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