Do Relaxation Techniques Help With Anxiety?

The last thing that you want to do when you are having an anxiety attack is think. Anxiety attacks can be scary, confronting and definitely overwhelming. That said, successfully dealing with your anxiety is possible. Unfortunately, not all relaxation techniques work for everyone. As with a meditation practice, determining which relaxation techniques work for a particular individual is essential in finding a technique that will work when the going gets tough.

Jonothan Peters in his article from Self Growth gives us an overview of different relaxation techniques that can be helpful to people who suffer from anxiety. Key to his post is the realization that when someone is suffering from anxiety it is as a result of a disconnect occurring between their mind and body. Here’s what he has to say about aromatherapy.

An indication that the mind and body are out of touch is when anxiety occurs. A good supply of oxygen from fresh air is really what the body needs the most. One great idea for easing that built up tension is Aromatherapy. While making sure that plenty of bubbles and oils are present in the tub. A calm nights rest can often be achieved through including lavendar oils to an evening’s bath. And, the two fruit flavored oils Grapefruit or lemon can be used in a bath during the morning time.

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