Do Surfers Practice Meditation?

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t have some secret fantasy of being a surfer (current surfers excluded, of course). Maybe it’s because of the connection to the wave. Or possibly because of the rush that gliding over the water at lightening speed can give. Or maybe it’s because surfers never have problems getting dates. Whatever your reason, surfing has its appeal.

In this latest Huffington Post from Liz Markus, surfer, yogi, and meditator Eoin Finn is interviewed about his upcoming yoga DVD, The Blissology Project: Yoga, Meditation and Lifestyle. According to Finn, meditation (in addition to Tai Chi and yoga) gets a person in touch with transcendent energy, which is the ultimate energy source.

And all that comes back to Joseph Campbell. He lit me up for this stuff right when I was deciding what courses to take. His message is that the ultimate energy source in life is transcendent energy. All you have to do is quiet your mind and get in touch with this energy source, and you will get there. That really spoke to me. I learned meditation, tai chi and yoga. I would never say I was a serious student of any of them. I was barely serious in school at all because I was really addicted to windsurfing. So my first three months of school, I didn’t even rent an apartment. I said, “I’m not paying rent. I’m gonna pay tent.” I bought a tent, and I would just wake up on the beach every morning and do my thing and then go into it.

Read more of Markus’ interview with Eoin Finn here.

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