Do You Control Your Choices?

Mastery and control over one’s experience has been a fantasy of a least a few people. What with all the challenging things that happen to us on a daily basis, who wouldn’t want to think that they have some sort of control. That said, how many of you actually have control over your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings? Not many I’m sure. Fortunately, the point is not to control these things. Rather, control comes into play when it comes to what we do with the information. Meaning, what do you do with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings?

According to Diane Y. Welch from the Del Mar Times, a new book from Dr. Berge Minasian entitled The Power of Choice, covers how to control your beliefs, attitudes, and values in order to make good choices. Contained in Minasian’s book is a self help meditation exercise to help with self improvement.

“Once you read this book, you can never, ever revert to blaming your genes, your parents, your significant others, your employer, or society in general for the present quality of your life”, said Minasian. “I’m hoping this will be a handy, dandy resource for everyone and that people will learn from it and make the right choices for themselves.”

Read more about Minasian’s new book here.

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