Does Basketball And Meditation Mix?

Nowadays, meditation is a practice used by many organizations as a way to focus their members. From business professionals to sports teams, meditation provides the means to not only help individuals get better in touch with themselves, but also as a way to achieve the goal at hand.

Jayda Evens reports that this is exactly what is being used by members of the Washington Huskies Women’s Basketball Team to win games. According to Evens, coach Tia Jackson has been using meditation for some time, incorporating it before games as a way to help players to really “show up.”

Jackson begins every practice with meditation. The entire team joins hands in a circle, and everyone closes their eyes and is supposed to clear their minds of everything to focus on practice and the upcoming opponent.

Jackson, in her fourth season at UW, said she has experimented with the technique throughout her career. She decided to make it permanent this year after her high-school coach, Barbara McCool, died from cancer. McCool used meditation with her teams.

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