Does It Take A Genius To Develop Awareness Through Meditation?

Meditation | Meditation Is A Simple Practice Anyone Can LearnThere are as many excuses for not practicing meditation as there are people who practice. And although I’m equally as guilty at times, I have no idea why, despite all the powerful grounding benefits meditation holds, that anyone would choose to go without it for even a day. I guess I need to develop some awareness around that!

Wendy Strgar, in this latest Care 2 post, discusses the ins and outs of the alternative healing practice with meditation instructor Sally Kempton. According to Strgar via Kempton, despite meditation being one of the best ways to get to know ourselves (and simple for anyone to learn), a practice is also useful in helping to fine tune one’s ability to process awareness. The trick is learning to surrender to the meditation process.

Developing Awareness, is as simple as refocusing our sensory abilities inside. Turning our gaze inward and refocusing our listening to the quiet inside of us gives new meaning to the human capacity to sense. It is this inward paying attention that both gives access and creates the meditative state.  We don’t have to search for this state, which is sometimes called the awakened heart, because it is who we are underneath all of our identity. Sally’s new book Meditation for the Love of It speaks to me directly as I have been falling in love with both the practice and the process of living my life from the inside out.

One of the biggest challenges and greatest freedoms meditation has offered me is a new understanding of  surrender.  Part of our human dilemma is trying to bend life to our will, whether it be in the outcome of our goals or relationships. In fact it is precisely in developing this discernment of knowing where we can act, where we should wait,  and when to let go of the outcome that meditation so deeply informs. This is a doorway to living peacefully:  knowing what is not ours to hold,  giving up our false sense of control is a powerful path that brings spaciousness to our heart. It is a gentle place that is always waiting for us. It feels like love.

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