Does Meditation Cause Brain Growth?

Meditation | One Benefit Of Meditation Is NeuroplasticityHuffington Post contributor Aditi Nerurkar sheds light on a profound biological benefit of meditation: neuroplasticity.  Where it was once thought that we were born with the same brain that will last us our entire lives, while the concept is true, it’s not entirely true.  Nerurkar’s post points out how multiple studies have found that a simple meditation practice can lead to structural changes in the brain.

Strikingly similar to what we see occur in young children who are consumed with years of learning, meditation as an adult leads to learning a new perspective.  And every time we learn, our brains grow.

We once thought that your brain at birth was the same brain you were stuck with for life. Yup, it was a grab bag. But what we’re learning is the brain, like any other muscle of the body, is dynamic. Brain cells and their connections respond and adapt to stimuli. That’s neuroplasticity. And meditation may help to physically train the brain. It’s the equivalent of pumping iron, or in this case, pumping neuron.

Read more from Nerurkar including further details on these fascinating studies here.

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