Does Meditation Promote Narcissism?

Meditation | Use Meditation To Cultivate A Selfless StateWhen it comes down to it, everything has its shadow. Don’t believe me? Think of anything that when practiced or taken to an extreme doesn’t cause some form of disharmony or unrest. Even with the best of intentions, we live in a world of opposites. As the saying goes, that which goes up, must come down. And unfortunately, meditation is not immune to this rule.

Checkout this recent Costa Rica News post from Martin LeFevre on meditation and narcissism. According to LeFevre, although a meditation practice can certainly verge on helping to promote narcissistic tendencies, the purpose of meditation is to cultivate a state where no self is present.

Though it should go without saying, meditation is not narcissism or navel staring, though it can become both. Essentially, meditation is the negation of self-centeredness and ego in the gathering of undirected attention through passive watchfulness. In short, there is no center in meditation; therefore in a meditative state, there is no self.

We’re not talking about the various forms of ‘meditation’ as exercises in mental control, like the Finnish fellow who runs marathons in the arctic snow without shirt, shoes, or sanity. With concentration, the mind can do incredible things, but that’s evident from the world of science and technology.

Meditation, though it can be as focused as a laser, is not the willed concentration of mental power, but the effortless dissolution of mental noise and accretion. As such, the will is antithetical to meditation.

Read more from LeFevre on meditation and narcissism here.

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