Does Self Hypnosis Meditation Really Promote Weight Loss?

Meditation | A Self Hypnosis Meditation Can Help You Access Unconscious ResourcesA lot has been written recently as to the success self hypnosis can have when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds or giving up smoking. A meditation of sorts, self hypnosis, in reality, simply helps a person tap into their unconscious mind in order to gain valuable resources that they would otherwise be unaware of. As with any permanent change, however, gaining information is never enough. Change occurs when you make practical application of the information.

Fox News recently posted on whether or not self hypnosis is effective for those who desire a slimmer figure. Although the article by Dr. Manny Alvarez is pretty typical when it comes to highlighting self hypnosis and weight loss, it does reinforce that the extra weight isn’t the issue. By using self hypnosis to get at the underlying causes, change is possible.

Personally, I think that hypnosis could have a positive effect with weight reduction. Many times, people that struggle with weight are influenced by mood, behavior and lack of self control. Hypnosis can definitely help in these groups of patients that have those particular characteristics.

Hypnosis is a temporary, altered state of consciousness. Using hypnosis for weight loss is usually a two-part process.

Read more from Alvarez on self hypnosis meditation and weight loss here.

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