Does Sitting Cross Legged In Meditation Matter?

While technically there isn’t a “correct” way to meditate, there are some important hints that can most definitely help enhance your meditation practice when followed. How you sit and your comfort level when sitting are two of them.

Since focusing during a meditation is key, giving proper attention to the details that will assist you in meeting your goal is valuable. According to Susan Scott Morales in her Ann Arbor post, sitting cross legged on the floor is the best way in which to signal to your body and mind that you mean business. In a cross legged sitting stance, your attention is drawn more to the body than to the mind.

Also important, says Morales, is the use of cushions and back support:

• Find a high-enough cushion or stack of blankets so that your knees are level or lower than your hips. If they are level, put additional blankets or supports of some kind under your thighs.

• For back support, sit against a wall with a small pillow at your back.

• For neck support, use one of those travel pillows on your shoulders.

• If your ankles hurt, wrap them with socks.

• And, if you are still uncomfortable, take some deep breaths and change your posture.

Read more meditation sitting tips from Susan Scott Morales here.

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