Does Television Ground Your Root Chakra?

Meditation | A Chakra Meditation Can Lead To Greater Stability And HealthFor those who are familiar with the chakra system, the root chakra, or in Sanskrit the Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with our ability to ground. That is, a person’s capacity to “weather the storm” and find their way through life. When this chakra balanced, it behaves like a “root”, connecting us to Universal energy and allowing us to tap into the forces necessary to help the other chakras function optimally.

In this latest Huffington Post from Kelley Harrell, the topic of whether or not television, specifically the Reality TV genre that has dominated the television airwaves, contributes or takes away from a person’s ability to connect to their root chakra. According to Harrell, the latter is the case. Rather than offering programming that allows a person to reflect upon their strengths and weakness or see how they can better take responsibility for themselves in an effort to contribute rather than withhold, Reality TV has infused the collective with an “every man for himself” mentality. As a result, the root chakra is left in a state of imbalance and not harmony.

So what does it mean? That our television programming is largely based on the energetic challenges meant for a one year old? Does it mean that we are mastering the lessons of our own roots? Maybe. Maybe through those light beams bouncing from satellite to satellite we are actually having the worst of our base development projected into our homes — a cosmic mirror for closer examination. Maybe Reality TV isactually higher consciousness programming, a real kick in the root to take the responsibility upon ourselves to remember that there are loads more chakras that need to be mastered, each with their own shadows and strengths whose success of mastery relies on wellness in our relationship to the first chakra.

Read more about Harrell’s take on Reality TV’s effect on our ability to ground here.

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