Does Your Doctor Prescribe Meditation?

Meditation | Integrative Medicine And The Use Of Meditation Is On The RiseWhen it comes to relieving migraines, back pain, stress, and anxiety, today more than ever, people are turning to meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and other complementary practices to help supplement their Western medicine health regiments. And although these practices have been known to produce tremendous results, plus now there’s scientific research to help support these practice’s claims, most patients when seeking alternative support choose to do so without their doctor’s input.

Trisha Torrey, in this latest Syracuse post, discusses the effectiveness of several alternative and complementary practices and how withholding the use of the practices from your doctor might be unnecessary due to increased popularity in integrative care. In other words, you might be surprised at your doctor’s receptivity to practices like meditation, reiki, and therapeutic massage. The point is, it works, right?

That can be problematic and may even be unnecessary. More and more doctors are recommending certain CAM (complementary and alternative) treatments for their patients. Some medical practices are evolving into “integrative” practices where treatments are proposed based on what they believe will be helpful, regardless of whether it’s considered traditional medicine or CAM.

Integrative medicine combines the best of both worlds of treatment approaches. If a CAM therapy can be useful, it may be recommended. But pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries will be options, too.

We patients don’t really care what a therapy is called or who developed it. We just want something that works. Unfortunately, not enough of our Western, traditionally trained doctors know enough about Eastern, complementary and alternative therapies and therefore won’t recommend them. Further, the doctors who know the least may be very vocal and intimidating about their disdain for the ones we might like to try.

Read more from Torrey here on what to be on the lookout for when approaching a new doctor should you be interested in meditation and other alternative healing practices.

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