Don’t Let Summer Distract Your Meditation!

Meditation | Keep Up Your Meditation Pace Even During SummerIf you’re familiar with meditation, you know that one of the most challenging parts is sticking to a regular meditation schedule. What with the busy life that most of us have between family, friends, and work, dedicating 20 to 30 minutes a day in which to focus within can sometimes be problematic. It’s even more challenging with summertime on our doorstep and vacation travels coming up just around the bend.

Susan Scott Morales pens this recent Ann Arbor post as a reminder to be on the lookout for summertime distractions that can “justifiably” get you off your meditation track. According to Morales, although it’s easy to get sidetracked by traveling and family around, with a little improvising it is possible to keep up your meditation pace.

What if the kids are home, though, and you can’t get a moment’s peace? My first suggestion is to get up earlier than the rest of the family, go outside and meditate there. If that isn’t feasible, how about meditating with the children?

When my 4-year-old grandson awakes, he is at his sweetest, most cooperative self. One morning after he had spent the night, he ran into my room and found me meditating. I invited him up onto my lap.

As he snuggled into me, I enjoyed the smell of his hair, the warmth of his little arms. Yes, it was a shorter meditation than usual, but very satisfying.

If you’re traveling, I suggest you pack a pillow or shawl that you normally use to meditate. It’s easy to forget when you’re out of your usual routine. It helps to set the intention ahead of time, and I find that my shawl is a gentle reminder. (It also helps when the A/C is too high!)

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