Dummies Guide To Meditation

Where to start, what to do, and why is it important? Three commons questions any beginning meditator thinks about or asks when considering undertaking a meditation practice. Here’s a hint: think about everything you can possibly imagine…now let it all go.

In this recent PsychCentral post from Margarita Tartakosvky, the topic of meditation is explored. Citing published author, yoga instructor and licensed social worker Mary NurrieStearns, Tartakosvky answers the many what, why and how questions a new meditator might have.

According to Tartakosvky (via NurrieStearns), important to any meditation is the use of anchors. Whether that be a mantra or one’s breathing, creating a safe place through the use of anchors allows a meditator to see how the mind operates.

Complete with eight tips on how to begin your meditation practice, the point is to remember that any meditation practice is meant to be pleasant.

Remember, too, that meditation is meant to be pleasant, NurrieStearns emphasizes. She compares meditation to brushing your teeth. You pick a brush and toothpaste that you like, similar to picking a comfortable spot, you do it on a regular basis for the most benefit and you feel wonderful afterward.

Check out Tartakosvky and NurrieStearns’ mini dummies guide to meditation here.

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