Empowering Oneself Through A Walking Meditation

Meditation | Learn Better Focus With A Walking MeditationAlthough most people associate meditation with sitting quietly somewhere, silently focusing inward, there are numerous ways in which to practice meditation that don’t involve staying in the confines of one’s own house. A walking meditation is one such practice.

Aimee Boyle takes a look at the power of a walking meditation in this latest EmpowHer post. According to Boyle, a walking meditation serves two purposes. By moving the body, not only does a person stay fit, but in paying attention to the rhythm of one’s pace as well as one’s breathing pattern, a person’s mind begins to quiet. The good news is that a walking meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime.

Walking can serve many of the same purposes. All types of exercise have proven to calm one’s mind and bring the energy into alignment, using endorphins as a means of lifting the sense of doom, dread and despair we feel, and oxygenating the blood so that our millions upon billions of thoughts are crowded out by the buzz in our blood and limbs.

By combining walking with meditation you serve the dual purpose of stilling your mind with the purpose of moving your limbs and staying fit, but what’s more helpful, the rhythm of the walking as you feel your feet find their own drumbeat and steady rhythm of your breathing can really bring your mind back into that still, quiet place.

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