EmWave2 Is A Handy Little Gadget To Cultivate Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Gadget EmWave2 Can Help Enhance Your Meditation PracticeSure most of us like to grab our meditation pillow and find that tranquil space to plop ourselves down and focus within. But the question that many people ask is, does it work? And although we have mounds of scientific research now supporting the fact that meditation can be effective in slowing down a person’s heartbeat and breathing pattern, which leads to a decrease in stress, let’s face it, we live in a hands-on culture that wants to see results for ourselves. Well now you can.

Checkout this recent Cult of Mac post on a nifty new meditation device called the EmWave2. Described as an oversized iPod, the EmWave2 is a personal biofeedback gadget of sorts that can help you to monitor your meditation progress. According to Nicole Martinelli, the device keeps tabs on your heartbeat and breathing pattern either through a finger or earlobe sensor. The goal is to get into a coherence zone where your body’s systems are working in harmony.

Here’s how it works: You charge it by connecting it to your Mac’s USB port, turn it on and put your thumb on the sensor. The device has LEDs that change color based on your heart rate and breathing rhythm.

Once you put your thumb on the sensor or connect the wired sensor to your earlobe, the emWave2 takes your pulse and develops a breathing sequence based on heart rhythm.

The goal of the gadget is to coach you into a zone called “coherence,” defined as a highly efficient state where all the systems of the body work together in harmony. A breathing pacer gets you going steady, while you concentrate on pleasant memories and feelings centered around your heart.

It’s pretty straightforward — you put your finger on it, breathe and watch the lights. The lights move up, you breathe in; lights go down, you breathe out. The light at the top of the device goes red if you’re in low coherence, blue if you’re getting closer and green for full coherence.

Read more about how to enhance your meditation with the EmWave2 here.

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