Enhance Your Meditation With A Cork Yoga Block

Of all the yoga accessories on the market, the one that all newcomers appreciate the most is the yoga block. Traditionally made out of foam, the yoga block helps beginning yogis to experience asanas more easily by making comfortable those hard-to-reach stretches. Now, according to this Mother Nature Network post, the yoga block is making a transition into meditation.

Siel Ju, yogi, meditator, and Hollywood socialite, introduces us to the Om Yoga Block. Constructed out of cork rather than foam, the block helps to raise a meditator’s rear-end during meditation so that less pressure is put on a person’s knees. Another benefit is that it’s biodegradable.

I actually rarely use blocks when I do yoga — but I’ve recently learned to meditate on them, either sitting on the long front edge in cross-legged position, or placing it beneath me lengthwise in kneeling position to take a little pressure of the knees. The cork block’s firm and sturdy with a little heft — but has a little more give than the super hard wood blocks.

Since the entire block is made of cork, it should biodegrade quite easily once I’m done with it — though that won’t be for a long, long time. Even the packaging is minimalist and green; a simple recycled paper band adorns the Manduka cork block on arrival.

Read more from Ju on using the Om Yoga Block during your meditation practice here.

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