Enough With The Meditation Excuses!

Why is it that when something is good for you to do, it’s easy to find excuses not to do it? Whether that be going to the gym, eating properly or getting enough rest, most people have a laundry list of excuses that stand between them and taking action. Says this Huffington Post from Philip Goldberg, meditation is no different.

According to Goldberg, there are two main reasons why people fail to follow through with meditation. The first is a lack of time. The second, they don’t know how.

With regards to the first reason, Goldberg believes that a lack of time translates into a person’s lack of appreciation in the value of meditation. Referencing Gandhi, who spent most of his days trying to keep peace and prevent violent clashes, the message is: if he found time to do it, anyone can.

And while Goldberg’s second reason why people don’t meditate receives a more sympathetic ear, his suggestion is to seek out proper instruction and not to expect that the how, what and why of meditation is going to come to you magically.

The second reason people who want to meditate don’t is: they don’t know how. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I’ve tried to meditate, but it doesn’t work for me” or, “I’m not good at it.” When I ask if they’ve ever been taught how to meditate, the answer is usually no. For some reason, people think they ought to be able to pick it up on their own. Well, you can pick up computer programming or scuba diving on your own too, but if you want to do such things well and get the most out of them, it’s a good idea to get some proper instruction.

Read more about Goldberg and his take on meditation here.

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