Entering The Silence

Meditation | Experience A Deeper Aspect Of Yourself With MeditationMany beginning meditators ask, “what will I experience when I’m meditating correctly?” A slightly comical, yet understandable question for those who have practiced meditation for any length of time. The answer is of course, “who knows.” The point is to be with whatever arises.

One hope, however, is that in sitting quietly long enough you will pass through the many layers of the ego and begin to experience a deeper aspect of the self. If you are fortunate, what might appear is silence.

Rosalie Cushman in her latest post for Ah-Ha! Rancho Santa Fe News considers the quality of this silence. An avid meditator for over fifteen years, Cushman speaks candidly about her experience with silence. At first, quite unsettling, but with time Rosalie began to appreciate its message. And contained within it, a key to freedom.

Oddly, I have come to see it’s a state I’ve always known but have been far too afraid to allow into my presence for fear of ‘losing the sense of what I thought was me’.  That notion almost makes me laugh now.  What self, ‘me’,  is it I fear losing?  The ego?  Ha!  That seems so silly since that’s not my true Self anyway.  For I have come to know that ego’s, including mine, especially mine, are a contrivance; a collection of ideas of an invented self cobbled together.

Read more of Cushman’s experience with meditation and the silence contained within here.

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