Exploring Mantras For Meditation

At some point, any new meditator is going to come across the concept of a meditation mantra. And just like any new meditator, they are going to want to “get it right.” Well, this one’s for you.

Janet Erickson provides great information on the ins and outs of a mantra in her latest post. According to Erickson, mantras help individuals to better concentrate, experience a quicker quieting of the mind, and provide a better chance of unlocking those positive ideals from within. Words or phrases (spoken or chanted out loud or internally) are used to help focus the monkey mind to help it stop bouncing from one thought to the next.

How are Mantras used in Meditation?

Mantras are generally used in meditation to stay focused while meditating. To do this, you must follow the necessary meditation steps, select a mantra, say the mantra for some minutes before concluding your meditation. Here are the exact steps to take when doing mantra meditation.

1.      Select your meditation time and place. You can allocate about 20 to 30 minutes per day either in the morning or evening.

2.      Get a quiet place where you can be free from distractions.

3.      Select a mantra based on want you really want. You may want spiritual uplifting, better health, financial breakthrough or even a better job.

4.      Sit quietly with your eyes half-closed.

5.      Let about 70% of your allocated time be used for chanting your mantra either out loud, silently or internally. This would mean 20 minutes of the time if you are meditating for 30 minutes.

6.      While chanting, focus on the meaning and what you want solved with respect and belief.

7.      After the allocated time is reached, you can stop chanting and remain absolutely quiet for the remainder of the time.

8.      While you are quiet, observe the thoughts flowing in and out of your mind. You will realize that you feel better than when you started with a positive attitude that your problem is alleviated. This is also the best time to pray.

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