Falling Off The Meditation Wagon

Most people don’t associate the phrase “falling off the wagon” with meditation. While that would normally hold true, in the case of meditator Kate Torgovnick who is applying the principles from a new book by Sharon Salzberg to her life, that’s exactly what happened.

Salzberg recently came out with her new book Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program in which she outlines practical methods for focusing within and staying dedicated to that cause.

For Torgovnick, like many others, daily meditation is a challenging prospect. However, unlike others, Torgovnick shares intimately (in her post) her struggles with the 28-Day commitment, her realistic expectations, her experience with falling off the meditation wagon, and her successes despite her “less-than-perfect” performance.

While I didn’t do meditation sessions, per se, this week, I still have been bringing the lessons from the challenge into my real life. Every day, I find myself being a little better at letting life’s little annoyances go. When I find myself getting antsy waiting for a train, or when the woman at Subway takes forever to make my sandwich, or when writing just isn’t coming easily for the day, I breathe in and out and just release the frustration.

Read more from Torgovnick and her meditation experience with the 28-Day Meditation Challenge here.

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