Fear Less And Love More With Vipassana Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Can Teach You To Fear Less And Love MoreFor those who’ve been practicing meditation for a while, the idea of using your practice to cultivate love and minimize fear is a no brainer. But for those just starting out, you’re probably still wondering how to get that damn monkey mind to shut up. Not to worry. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Checkout this recent Huffington Post from MeiMei Fox on her 10 day Vipassana meditation adventure. True to form, Fox entertains us by sharing her no-holds-barred play-by-play experience of the retreat where she faces the difficulty of sitting with herself, in her own head, for ten full days. According to Fox, her reward came toward the end of the retreat where she began to feel at one with the Universe, realizing that below all the madness, stress, anxiety, and anger that most of us spend our days walking around with is peace, calm, and love.

Read more about Fox’s amazing meditation adventure here.

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