Finding Creative Ways For Parents To Practice Meditation

Meditation | Use A Meditation Practice To Focus On The MomentWhen it comes to raising a child, nothing is more challenging for parents than finding the peace and quiet needed to cultivate a relationship with self. Between changing diapers, runs to the supermarket, and arranging play dates, not to mention household chores and time dedicated to the significant other, parents have a hard time going when it comes to creating time for meditation.

Miranda Cashin, in this recent Tweed News post, introduces us to Sally Collings, mother and author of Parenting With Soul. For Cashin, who couldn’t find time to relax, much less meditate, learned that meditation as a parent was about finding ways to find herself by focusing on the moment and doing one thing at a time.

Like many first-time mums, Sally found it a difficult adjustment.

“I lost that connection with myself. I kept thinking ‘who am I now’,” she explained.

Sally searched for ways to inject some peace and spirituality into her parenting life.

But she didn’t have time to relax and meditate for an hour in the morning, or take long soothing baths, or do yoga for half a day. She was mum, she needed something real.

After discovering what worked for herself, her book is packed full of practical tips that don’t involve squeezing more into your day. It is about making the most of the small moments in life.

Read more from Collings on how to find creative ways to practice meditation as a parent here.

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