Finding God Through Meditation

Regardless of your religious affiliation or whatever name you choose to call God, the practice of meditation holds within it the opportunity to experience something much greater than yourself. And in doing so, to allow yourself to connect to a greater and deeper sense of existence.

Delia Quigley, in her recent Care 2 post, explores how each person’s journey to find God is personal. Making reference to Bhagwan Nityananda, founder of Siddha Yoga, Buddha, and Zen master Shunryu Suzuki, according to Quigley, all paths (religious included) lead to the divine state. Key to any path, however, is the need to listen. Practices like meditation make this possible.

Our early ancestors celebrated their lives within the embrace of nature and were aware of the tenuous line between the world of form and the world of spirit. They listened to the rhythms of the earth, the wind in the trees, the sounds of a wildness we have lost in our domestication and development of nature into cities and suburbs. What is integral to our survival as a species, as a world, is this return to listening to, and thereby connecting with, the universe. We are quick to make a connection with our cell phones, but to hear the owl call out on a winter’s night, to understand the scolding of a raven, or to recognize the inner voice echoing from deep within our core is to hear the truth of our existence on this earth. It requires risking all our attachments, opinions, and beliefs, to dive through the opening that meditation provides.

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