Finding God With Meditation

Those who have been meditating for a while know that a meditation practice can help them to connect to a deeper sense of existence. Many call it God, yet regardless of what name you use to identify this relationship, the point is that it is a very personal bond that exists only between you and You. And while there are literally hundreds of books on meditation written every year about the concept of this internal connection, the truth is that this relationship can not be understood by the intellect. Rather, it is one that is felt in the heart.

Gina Lopez, in this latest Phil Star post, shares with us her experience of a 6-day meditation intensive where she explores the practice of meditation as a way to connect to God through her heart.

There is a God. He is not known by the mind but by the heart. To me He is like a magnificent warm sun presence that is eternally giving and shining in the firmament of the Higher Worlds. There are spiritual worlds that exist — not perceptible by the senses, but real nonetheless. My conviction and experience is that the essence of life is to have access to these worlds — and even more important to be able to receive the blessings and the guidance they want to give us. God — spiritual worlds — they can most be felt in stillness. When the mind is busy or emotions chaotic then life becomes messy.

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